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Mediaspectrum (Xentive SA)Lausanne, SwitzerlandDec 2012 — presentThe cloud software that enables customers to book print and online ads as well as manage conacts, contracts and customer relationships.RoleLead DeveloperContributionsCommunicating with management and customer, delivered $4M software development project on-time/on-budget by leading a small group of junior developers, and introducing project management best practices.Created a Java Business Logic In-Memory/Event Sourcing/CQRS engine from scratch (achieved 100K TPS) on my ownImproved performance of a Java application and changed the way how we deploy the application. That slashed datacenter annual costs ~$200K and reduced deployment issues.Developed high performance, low-latency JavaScript code that improved web service loading time by 70%. This improved the user perception, reduced the number of users that do not get the results within first seconds and just leave the page to virtually nil.Wrote a custom Java JPA library for automatic Oracle DDL management (table, index, views, functions, procedures, dblinks, constraints, sequences) that reduced manual db actions during upgrade/deployment by 95%Rewrote core code central to the application leading to 100-200% speed increase in processing multi-gigabyte XML filesCreated a tool for DevOps team to automate deployment, monitoring, performance and stability of the production system in the cloud environment that dramatically improved the software delivery pipelineSolved key web-UI performance issues and established efficient, maintainable patterns that are now used across the projectRefactored the Business rules processing engine (Jboss Drools) to make it more reliable, scalable and faster to loadAdded unit & integration tests to the previously not tested codeDeveloped a new SQL/Reports/XSLT library that improves productivity of the report designersDesigned two customer applications from the ground up, was the main responsible contact during implementation, and lead the installations successfull to production in time.LanguagesJavaScript,CSS,HTML,Java 6,Jboss Business Rules Language,Python,PL/SQL,XSLTDeploy PlatformsIBM Websphere,Tomcat,nginx,Red Hat Enterprise LinuxLibrariesjQuery,Apache CXF,Jboss Drools,ActiveMQ,Jython,POI for Excel,Dust JS,Mockito,Junit,SAP BAPIDatabaseOracle 10gProtocolsHTTP,REST,JSON,SOAPToolsJira,SQL*Developer,SQL*Plus,SQL*LoaderDev. EnvironmentEclipse,JRebel,Ant,SVN,vim,Mac OS XDelaware Engineering ManagementLondon, UKSep 2009 — Dec 2012Web-based Content Management System that is built on top of Mozilla Firefox and integrates heavily with Adobe products.RoleFront-end and back-end web developerContributionsRedesigned existing JavaScript/Java codebase, designed a new JavaScript/Model-View-Controller framework and ported major piece of code to the new framework.Improved the performance of JavaScript/Java code by 200-300%Developed a PDF generation library for iPad/Android mobile applicationsDeveloped from scratch a brand new data processing engine and Domain Specific Language compilerWas the main responsible person for solving performance issues of the whole system: Made analysis, identified major bottlenecks. Rewrote pieces of Java code and created test-backed records. Doubled overall performance and reduced stutters to virtually nil.Helped the company to improve processes for development, such as source code management, continuous integration, unit tests, performance analysis, configuration testing.Designed and implemented automated tests environment for async tests using jstestdriver, sinon.js, and mochikit.Designed and implemented some brand new services: an xml and regexp-based text processing engine (Python), Image processing and metadata extraction engine (Python), Email import/export/interaction engine (Java, J2EE), PDF export engine (Python, Java), an archiving engine (Java), Reports module (SQL, JAVA, XML/XSL), Performance analytics reports module (SQL, JAVA, Shell), System issues analytics module (SQL, JAVA) and some othersMigrated legacy scripts into unified library set in python in order to simplify maintenance and speed up further developmentAt a critical time in the evolution of the company, I was able to make the installation Live in production on my own, that 1500 corporate people use online every day.LanguagesJavaScript,CSS,HTML,Java 5,Python,PL/SQL,XUL,XSLTDeploy PlatformsIBM Websphere,TomcatLibrariesjQuery,ExtJS,JavaMail,Junit,ProtocolsHTTP,REST,JSON,SOAPDev. EnvironmentEclipse,JRebel,Ant,SVN,JiraRuscodeMoscow, RussiaSep 2007 — Sep 2009RoleSenior QA EngineerContributionsIntroduced Agile and Test Driven Development to the development processWrote an Automated User Acceptance Tests system for the software suite using Jython, Selenium, and Sikuli frameworks.Did trainings for other tester people, supported other testers. If all other testers did not find the issue, then I investigated the problem by myself. There were no situation when the issue was left not fixed.Over 1100 bugs found and reported within 2 yearsProtocolsHTTP,REST,JSON,SOAPToolsJira,SQL*Developer,SOAP UIEducationBauman Moscow Tech University, Computer-Aided Design, Masters Degree, 1997-2003Prometric, Sun Sertified Java 1.5 Programmer (SCJP-310-055), 2010

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